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Mace Industries provides a range of machinery and services to the warehouse and distribution industry.



Mace Industries provides a range of machinery and services to the warehouse and distribution industry, specialising in portable conveyors for every aspect of material movement.

Uniloada. This versatile portable conveyor is designed to enable a continuous flow of items to be conveyed from ground level up to a mezzanine. The Uniloada provides this flow in either direction. Its adaptability from horizontal to a four-metre lift, makes it ideal for use in areas with restricted access. It can be set up in a matter of seconds and, like other Mace Industries’ products, is of lightweight construction for easy portability, so much so that goods can even be conveyed direct from a lorry to a mezzanine – avoiding any double handling.

Vertigo Tyres. This lift moves tyres vertically safely and quickly, enabling the entire workflow to be managed by only two people; one individual loading the lift and the other dealing with the tyres when they are gently ejected at the upper level. An innovative design means this product significantly simplifies the workflow and increases efficiency whilst optimising the available floor space.

Vertigo Goods Lift. An excellent example of how Mace Industries’ designers carefully analysed the requirements of existing clients and delivered a unique tailored solution that saves time and increases safety. The Vertigo is a unique goods lift, ideal for serving single or multiple floors. The machine is easily fitted as an add-on to a mezzanine typically without major upheaval. The Vertigo goods lift has a max payload of 1t the Vertigo easily copes with euro pallets and alike.

Econoveyor. This adaptable, portable and efficient conveyor unit comes in a variety of lengths and widths and can be fitted with a variety of belts and accessories. The Econoveyor provides significant savings in terms of time and cost to complete a task by facilitating the speedy transportation of items between two points. It also reduces the risk of injury, as workers no longer need to lift and carry heavy or unwieldy objects. It also comes with lockable castors for ease of use.

Roller Tables. These tables provide a simple solution for moving objects from one point to another. One individual places an item on the table and propels it towards the other end. The metal rollers then convey the object smoothly to the waiting worker. The tables can be used horizontally or at an angle and come in various lengths and widths, all with lockable castors for a truly portable solution. Our Roller Tables are ideal for use when unloading items from vehicles.

Innovation and creativity are a key part of the way things are done at Mace Industries, and the company continues to make significant investments in design and development. If you cannot find precisely what you require from the Mace Industries’ catalogue, please contact us and discuss your problem with one of our design team as they are continually seeking opportunities to develop new products and manufacture bespoke machinery.

Having the right tools for a job is essential and Mace Industries ensures that its clients are always able to choose the right product to meet their specific requirement, however challenging or unusual it may be.


http://www.maceindustries.co.uk/news-and-media/news-archive/mace-industries-mezzanine-conveyorsThis versatile conveyor is designed to provide a conveying solution between ground level and a mezzanine or second storey. The Uniloada reduces the risk of injury caused by manual handling at the same time as making your workforce more efficient.



The Verti-go tyre lift is a conveyor true to Mace Industries’ unique approach to its products, as it simplifies the workflow and increases efficiency through its clever design. The lift moves tyres up a vertical shoot speedily and safely, gently ejecting them to an employee on the next floor.



The Verti-go goods lift is a cage with a fitted shelf that moves vertically between the floors of a building under construction. An efficient conveyor that can shift large objects up and down between floors, it is ideal for setting up on the outside a building to facilitate the transport of building materials. This avoids the risky practice of carrying heavy weights up and...



As the name implies the Econoveyor is an efficient conveyor unit that economises in terms of time taken to complete a task and cost. By ensuring the fast movement of items between workers, whether throughout the entire working day or just for a part of it, time is saved when compared with the alternative lifting and carrying. By reducing the need to lift and carry objects, its...



Like other Mace Industries’ products the roller tables are designed to be versatile in use and light in weight: they are the ideal convenient conveyor. For those looking for a conveyor of uncomplicated design that does the job extremely well, these roller tables are the perfect option.



The driving force of Mace Industries is innovation, creativity and excellence of design. This is coupled with high standard production methods backed by rigid quality control. Our goal is to design and manufacture safe and efficient machines that provide a practical solution to meet the needs of customers. Over the years our products have improved working practice in the...