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Mace provides a range of machinery and services for use by the construction industry, specialising in portable conveyors for every aspect of material...



Bumpa. The machine that lies at the heart of the history of Mace Industries, Bumpa is designed to transport heavy material from ground level to roof height safely, quickly and efficiently. Its 80-kilogram payload allows it to convey 1,000 tiles in just 25 minutes. With a proven track record as an efficient and reliable system, Bumpa is still state-of-the-art in terms of both safety and performance.

Hoddi. This long loading conveyor is designed to assist builders in moving materials from ground level onto scaffolding, by providing the three standard lifts involved in two-storey house building. With its aluminium frame, the Hoddi is durable, light and easy manoeuvrable. At five metres long and powered by a 110 or 240 volt electric motor, it is also fully reversible and can be stopped and started remotely for additional ease of use.

Shifta. Widely regarded as the UK’s number one conveyor, the latest version of the Shifta is hugely popular across the entire construction industry for conveying rubble, aggregates and soil. It is available in three sizes (3.2, 4.4 and 5.4 metre lengths) and its aluminium construction means it is lightweight. Additionally, the fact it can be operated by a single individual for any load up to an incline of 45 to 50 degrees means it is ideal for use in challenging terrains.

SupaScreen. The compact, transportable and easy to use Mace Supa Screen machine is designed to sieve soil in the most efficient way possible. It can be loaded using a digger or wheelbarrow, or a Shifta machine, and filters out larger pieces of material from the spoil. As well as complying with government legislation regarding the disposal of material, this process facilitates recycling by significantly reducing the amount of spoil that goes to landfill. It also reduces vehicle movements, thereby improving overall the environmental credentials of any construction project.

Accessories. Mace Industries also provides a diverse range of high quality accessories, all of which play small but critical roles in any number of projects. Roof racks and trolleys, block, brick and tile barrows, and hip runners are all available.

You will see from the above that our machines cater for most requirements when dealing with and conveying material on site; however, Mace regards ongoing design and development as a vital part of the business and is constantly working to meet new challenges and to fulfil the requirements of customers. Client requirements vary according to the working environment and the task to be completed, so if you have a particular problem that one of our present range of machines does not address please contact us and discuss your needs. We are always interested and keen to help. 


The time consuming, back breaking chore of loading heavy tiles to roof height becomes quick and easy with a Bumpa loading machine. The current regulations state you must provide mechanical means for handling repetitive loads rather than relying on manual labour. From single to three storeys, the Bumpa’s a must for every roofer and builder.



At Mace Industries we offer comprehensive training on both Mace and GEDA product lines.  



The Screena is a highly portable screening machine designed to screen materials in many diverse environments and industries.



This 5-metre long loading conveyor is designed to meet the needs of general builders when moving materials from ground level onto scaffolding. It is able to provide the three standard lifts involved in two-storey house building.



GEDA temporary construction elevators simplify your workload and increase efficiency, they can carry loads up to 2 tonnes.



The UK’s number one conveyor is now even better in this its latest version. The Shifta is already well known and respected in the industry as being the best conveyor of rubble, aggregates and soils, and this popular lightweight machine, with its aluminium construction, is now even more portable than before.